Best tours in Congo you can take by train

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Congo is also known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a very beautiful and popular country located in Central Africa. The national parks of this country are the greatest attraction for the visitors that have made it become popular. The history of Congo is quite difficult to understand and don’t worry because we’re not going to touch that topic here.

We’re focused on explaining the most popular places of Congo where tourists can reach by train. Safety, comfort, and security are some of the most important reasons why we have decided to talk about the train tours instead of any other tour. However, we’re going to talk about other means of travel in our future posts so, stay in touch because you’re going to have lots of fun here.

There are many different ways of traveling that you can use to travel around Congo but train travels are most popular as compared to others. The ktm ticket is another major reason why we have decided to talk about the train tours because these tickets allow you to travel around Congo at very reasonable rates and you can also buy the tickets online.

Let’s talk about the most beautiful place of Congo that you must visit on the train.


Kinshasa is the capital city of Congo and it has over ten million residents in it. Henry Stanley established in the late 19th century. The best thing about this city is that you can enjoy lots of entertaining and energetic activities here. A BBQ picnic with your friends or a boat ride with your life partners on the shore of Congo are some of the amazing activities that you can enjoy in this city.

There are lots of fun entertaining things to explore in the city market. If you’re an art lover, you must give a visit to this city because there are many expert artists in this city that showcase their work in different restaurants. There are many different ways of reaching this city as it is the capital of Congo but we recommend that you must consider traveling by train because there are lots of beautiful things that you’d miss if you didn’t travel by train.

Virunga National Park

It is one of the most beautiful parks in Congo that deserve your attention if you’re in Congo. There are plenty of Congo’s native faunas and floras that you can discover in this park. After reaching the local train station, you can simply take a cab to reach this park. The mountain gorillas and hippopotamuses are the greatest attraction of this beautiful park.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve

If you love observing several wild creatures, you must consider traveling to this park by train because several wild creatures will appear during your journey and you’ll be able to capture their photographs easily. The trains are completely secured so you should not be worried about the wild animals.