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Things to do in Cebu

If you are traveling to a certain place, do not confine yourself to the general pattern by visiting the places that everyone would visit. Explore as much as possible and make sure that you make the best out of it.

Cebu is one place which is gaining a lot of importance and popularity when it comes to tourism. There will be a lot of things that are mentioned in the cebu city tour itinerary. The city that is located in the exotic country of the Philippines which has a lot to offer that you can ever imagine. In this article we will some of the must do things in Cebu.

Dive with the sharks

The city of Cebu is blessed with an amazing coastline with pristine beaches.  These beaches can cater to all kinds of audience. It can be a place where you can just relax and stretch your legs, or you can take a dip and have an enjoyable experience. To take a dive with sharks is definitely one of the rarest opportunities that you will get in your life. There are a particular species of sharks called the Oslob Whale Sharks that are very harmless. You can actually swim with these friendly fishes in the ocean and have a great time. Make sure you click some good pics so that you can brag about this in your social media handles.

Crown Regency Sky Experience

With the name Crown Regency, many have this perception that it is just another hotel. But the truth is that it is one place where you can have some of the most thrilling experience in your life. This an amazing experience where you can really go close to death and come back. You will be strapped to a strong chord while walking on the glass floor on the 38th floor. If you have the guts, you can also indulge in some great activities.

Taboan Public Market

The local markets in every place have their own charm. It is one of the places in every location where you can really experience the local feel. You can get a lot of amazing stuff in Taboan Public Market like fresh fruits, vegetables, and good quality nuts. The place is generally crowded. One of the common thing that tourist do is get the fresh fish from the market and cook for themselves. These local markets have some amazing food items at cheap prices. Take a stroll through the markets and make sure to grab some goodies while roaming around.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving might be common in a lot of places. But the experience that you will get from scuba diving in Cebu is something that cannot be explained in words. From the top, it is good looking blue waters, but there is a lot that is hidden under the surface. The rich and the diverse sea life will really amaze you. The variety of fishes, aquatic plants will make you feel that God has blessed these places in a wonderful way. The best places for scuba diving in Cebu are Hilutugan Marine Sanctuary and Nalusan Sanctuary.