Health Information for Travelers to visit Congo

There are many things to take care of before visiting the Republic of Congo.

Zika Virus

One of the most dangerous and famous virus is Zika Virus which affects the pregnant women causing different birth defects. Everyone should take great care while traveling to prevent mosquito attack and special sexual exposure to the dangerous Zika Virus.

Vaccines for every Traveler

You should make it sure that you have all the daily needed vaccines for trips. Diphtheria Vaccine, the MMR vaccines, flu vaccine and polio vaccines etc.

Yellow Fever

One major risk in Congo is the Yellow Fever, so health recommendation is that you should carry this vaccine with you for young kids and older people. It’s important to note that Congo government requires a practical proof of all travelers for that yellow fever Vaccination.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended by the CDC because the dirty water or the contaminated food may cause serious health issue and you might get hepatitis A. So, a vigilant care is taken while traveling through the Congo.


Malaria could be a huge health issue over there so you surely want to consider your prescribed medicine. You need to take that medicine before and after the trip and even while traveling through some virus infected places too. Doctor’s advice can play a huge rule here and you surely need to discuss it with your family doctor for more guidance.


Typhoid could be one of the things you really want to stay away from. But the problem is that the food you are going to eat at different restaurants or other eating places could be contaminated. So, you must bring the typhoid vaccines and take them with you on the tour for better safety.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is also a huge threat there and you can get it from contaminated needles, the products that contain blood or sex. If you are planning to get a tattoo there, you should get this vaccine. Also if you have plans for sex with your new life partner there, Hepatitis B vaccine must be with you.


Rabies is also a big threat which is a disease caused by the dog’s bite or by other mammals on the journey. So, you should do proper camping to prevent the danger of getting a bite from the dog.

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