Important things to know before visiting Congo

Congo is full of natural beauty and natural resources that no one could imagine. But it is also true that you get more diseases in Congo than elsewhere in the world.

The reason could be the polluted food or the natural viruses that are in plenty. Here are some of the important things you must know before visiting Congo.

Congo has the Unique Music Culture

The music is cultural, more loud and popular in Congo. They have different styles of dance with special kind of outfit. Congolese Rumba is the musical style which is followed by a unique dance. These songs inspire millions of couple from all over the world to join the dance floor and express the special moves and many turned out great at it.


Special Diseases

Congo came into existence after a very brutal war hence things are more complicated there. The effect of that war on the beautiful piece of land emerged as various diseases that are harmful and extremely dangerous for humans.

Natural Beauty

Congo has the world most beautiful sceneries and breath-taking landscapes. There are resources of oil, gold and many other precious elements that could turn Congo into the place of unlimited wealth. The agricultural land is in abundance there and that’s extremely natural.

Due to this natural beauty, the tourists from all over the world love to visit Congo and make their life memories.

Habit of Eating Mayo

The Kinshasa has a good collection of beautiful restaurants but the local people who love to eat at home are overwhelmed with eating Mayo. They mix it with everything they eat even with chili pepper sauce.

Simple Culture

Every mother has to wake early to work on their own farms and if she has kids, she prepares the breakfast for their kids because the kids have to go to school. After finishing the breakfast, she does some home chores and then she leaves for work.

Then in the early evening, she comes back home to prepare the dinner. All in all, she has the ultimate freedom to live independently while handling the own farm house.

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