Is Congo the real-life version of Counter Strike? A Look Back at Congo’s War History

Counter Strike was released a few years ago. This game became very popular right after the release of the first trailer. People were curiously waiting to play this game as the graphics shown in the trailer were amazing and the scenario of the trailer also managed to win the hearts of gamers. Many gamers started posting reviews about the game’s trailer.

However, the game became very popular right after the release of the first trailer. Gamers were very excited to play the game and once the game was released gamers played it and posted positive reviews about it which relate that it fulfilled all their requirements.

In this game, a war between the civilians and armed forces is shown that involves a lot of violation, weapons, and action. The violation and weapon shown in this game passed an impression that the game is designed by the inspiration from a war. But gamers usually don’t pay any attention to such things.

However, some game addicts realized that there is something special in this game as it relates the events of a war that humans have suffered from. So, they started their research and after a lot of research, they came with their opinion. There was one thing common in the opinions of most of the researchers which said that this game includes some events and weapons from first and second Congo war.

The researchers were very shocked about this fact but they conducted more research on this topic so that they may gather some references to prove their point and finally they found some important points and showed their research at different platforms. People didn’t accept the fact saying that it is just a game and nothing else.

Here we’re going to discuss the points that researchers brought in the favor of their research.


A huge number of weapons, that are used in this game, have a great resemblance with the weapons that were used in the first and second Congo War. Rifles and sniper rifles that are shown in this game were hugely used in the Congo war. Taking a look at the history of Congo war will help you find out that this statement is correct.


Some locations of this game completely resemble the locations that were under threat during the Congo war and some of the locations still look the same as they appeared in the Congo War.


The violence shown in this game is a major factor due to which researchers firmly said that the Congo war is a real-life version of this game. However, those who denied admitting this fact, say that violence is a common factor in all the wars. So, we can’t admit it as a proof.

There are still some doubts about this topic that will be revealed with the passage of time. However, some of the equipment used in this war and the events definitely relate that this statement is true.

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