Most Famous Private Jets Stories

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There are many people who say that money cannot buy everything. But in reality, money can buy everything. Private jets are the finest options. Fame and fortune can provide some people luxurious lifestyle. The private jet owners know the actual definition of flying. They have taken the flying experience to a new and upgraded level. They rule a personal kingdom in the sky.

Here are some famous and popular private jets that you should know about (imagine what it may cost):

1.Donald Trump’s Trump Force One: This is one of the luxurious planes. The model of the plane is Boeing 757. The estimated cost of this private jet is $95,800,000. This is a luxurious private jet and Trump travels in style. This plane is accommodated with a double bed and a lounge with sofa sets. The bathroom is made of marble as well. Trump uses this jet for the family affairs. But apart from this, he also uses this private jet for the interviews and business meetings with his daughter Ivanka. He also accessorized his private jet with 24-carat gold fixtures. This private jet also has bedroom, bathroom, dining room and guest room as well.

2.John Travolta’s Jet and Airport: We, the normal people want to install a swimming pool and lawn in our backyard. But John Travolta creates an actual airport at the backyard of his house. He not only has the private jet but also has own actual airport and two runways in order to accommodate the five aircrafts. He lives in this house with airport facility along with his wife actress Kelly Preston. This man is now 64 years old. His private pilots have gotten then license at the age of 22. He has not designed his private jet with the gold fixtures. But He proudly says that he can step out from his private jet into his own comfort zone.

3.Jackie Chan’s private jet: He is a martial artist and a celebrity that we all know. His private jet is Legacy 500. This private jet can provide you with ultimate comfort and efficiency. This private jet is customized with the design of the dragon. The flashes of red and yellow down the side of the jet.

4.Barack Obama’s private jet: He is an eminent person that we all know about. But it is the tie to know about his private jet. The model of his private jet is Boeing 747-200B. The estimated cost of this jet is $390,000,000. He is the most powerful man in the world. The front of the aircraft is accommodated with beds, shower, vanity and a private office as well. It is well equipped with powerful and perfect security. Above all, it is none other than Barack Obama who owns this private jet. This jet also carries the full medical crew at the time of flying for a medical emergency.

These are some glimpses of the renowned private jets in the world. They all are rich and famous people. They know how to lead the luxurious life and fly in the sky like a real king. They have made their own kingdom in the sky. They rule it as well.

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